DBmaestro: Database Delivery Automation. Simplified

Automate, secure and govern your Database CI/CD pipelines with Database DevOps platform.
DBmaestro enables you database release automation, Database security & compliance automation and Database source control.
DBmaestro provides the following:

  • Database release automation piplines
  • END-TO-END CI/CD for your database
  • Integration with CI/CD tools (GitLab, Jenkins, Circle CI and more)
  • Supported Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, MySQL, MariaDB, Snowflake
  • Drift detection & configuration validation
  • Smart database backups
  • Dynamic dry-run tests
  • Static code analysis
  • Prevent and manage configuration drifts
  • DevOps metrics and reports
  • Organizational Policy management
  • Integration with ActiveDirectory and LDAP
  • Compliance reports
  • Database source control
  • Keep a detailed history of all database changes
  • Enforce and manage policies and compliance standards
  • Audit trail for database changes
  • Fortify and secure your databases
  • Role-based access and delivery to fortify and secure your databases
  • Manage and enforce organizational security policies and ensure that there are no out-of-process changes
  • Enforce and manage policies and compliance standards
dbmaestro release automation

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DBmaestro's Benefits

  • Enable self-service CI/CD for your database. Release 10x faster while improving quality with smart automation for your database. Accelerate feedback loops between developers and DBAs to save time and eliminate costly rework.
  • Empower team collaboration with source control. Extend coding best practices to your database, while facilitating collaboration and accelerating release velocity. Maintain a single source of truth for all database changes.
  • Automate database security, compliance, and governance. Ensure your database is secure with role-based access and delivery. Manage and enforce organizational policies and standards. Audit database changes to guarantee compliance with regulations such as SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and HIPAA.
  • One tool that covers it all : End-to-end solution
  • On-premises or hosted (SaaS / cloud) gives you full control over the installation
  • Scalable

How We Can Help You

dbmaestro partner GitLab virtuoso Jenkins certified expert Certified Scrum Master
ALM-Toolbox company is a certified DBmaestro distributor, consulting and service provider. We have experts that can help you with the following:
  • Plan a new implementation or migration from another tool, and setting up the new environments
  • Implement integration with GitLab CI, Jenkins, JIRA and other tools
  • SLA -based managed services (DBmaestro as a Service)
  • Consulting
  • Customizations
  • Training
  • Implement migration from similar tools
  • We can help you with purchasing and managing licenses
Contact us: dbmaestro@almtoolbox.com or +972-722-405-222 / 866-503-1471 (USA/Canada)

Our experts are skilled in relevant tools and metholdogies around, including DevOps, server side development (Java, Python); AWS and cloud computing ; config management tools (Ansible, Chef) and IAC tools (Terraform, Env0) for provision environments

Features and Pricing - Database Release Automation

Feature \ Product Edition      Premium
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Database release automation pipelines DBmaestro allows you to package, verify, deploy, and promote the database delivery pipeline
CI/CD integration and plugins (GitLab CI, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, CircleCI etc.) DBmaestro integrates with all popular build tools (e.g. GitLab CI, Jenkins) and application release automation tools (e.g. Azure DevOps) to enable database code to be treated exactly like application code.
Integration with ticketing systems (Jira, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow and more) Linking database changes with task management is highly recommended, as it enables tracking of changes related to specific tasks
Drift detection & configuration validation Drift detection prevents unintentional loss or alteration of your data and accidental changes to the way it's processed.
Smart backups Backup only if some policies are triggered (Data loss risk, purging data, etc.)
DryRun DB code - developer CI feedback loop TBD
Organizational Policy management TBD
Certified backout plans Roles & responsibilities management TBD
ActiveDirectory & LDAP group integration TBD
Project segmentation TBD
Compliance reports TBD
Dashboards TBD
Customer Support & SLA
Email support
Download updates (if self-hosted)
Priority support Get the support you need. Highly-skilled support engineers are available to help you with all of your support needs.
Pricing and available licenses Subscription

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Testimonials and Customers Stories

Using DBmaestro, we have been able to effectively meet our goals and are in the process of expanding our abilities beyond the original goals. We went from an average of 4 hours to support a change to around 1 hour. Total is about 30 to 60 hours per week savings."

Tim McKean, Data Architect at Anthem

We saw what was out there, and DBmaestro was the clear winner! This is the best database DevOps tool we’ve ever seen, from source control to release management."

Önder Altınkurt, Data Engineering Chapter Lead at ING Bank

It takes seconds to change database objects with source control management and linking them with customer tickets. Deployment, versioning, and auditing are done in a breeze.”

Uğur Çakmak, Software Architect at Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta