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If total control of your ClearCase enterprise is what you want and you wish to bring policy to the enterprise level then dive into ClearTrigger. With ClearTrigger you can define triggers that are automatically and instantly defined for all VOBs ( or just a few if you prefer). Associated triggers with additional metadata types like times, views, groups, VOBs, elements, replicas or even use pattern matching for any of the types. Use functionality bits to get the most popular trigger functionality without having to write any trigger code. ClearTrigger even makes about 30 extra ClearTrigger environmental variables available for your use in triggers so won't have to write code to calculate these commonly requested values (i.e VOB_owner Is_replicated, Is_Project_VOB, Is_Web_User, VOB_primary_group).

Read about some of the new features of ClearTrigger .

Let ClearTrigger simplify the task of maintaining triggers and policy in your organization. Use ClearTrigger to restrict users, define triggers or disallow commands without having to visit every VOB in your region. Conventional methods of developing ClearCase triggers have been circumvented with ClearTrigger in order to provide administrators with a fast and easy approach to defining policy at both the user and enterprise level. Implementing ClearTrigger is so basic and straightforward that administrators of all experience levels can use it. It conveniently integrates with your current ClearCase installation and doesn't require moving VOBs to new machines or reorganizing your network. Just install and configure ClearTrigger and get started.

Some of the features added in recent ClearTrigger versions are:

  • General Performance Improvements. ClearTrigger received the benifit of internal changes so it has a smaller footprint, uses less memory, and perform fewer file writes and reads allowing it to perform faster while still adding more functionality.
  • Relocatable Logging Dirs. Relocation Aliases allow for ClearTrigger logging information and ClearReplica shipout information to be written to any network location. Relocation Aliases allow for the ClearTrigger depot itself to be located on a read-only share, device or media if needed.
  • Performance Improvements for Label Creation. ClearTrigger was changed to now allow you to optionally avoid ClearTrigger processing for ClearCase label application.
  • Command Key Ignore List provides even more granular control over when Triggers fire or don't fire.
  • Functionality Bit Application Aliases provide more granular control over when Functionality Bits fire.
  • ClearTrigger Performance Aliases to improve ClearTrigger Performance.
  • Integration with iApproveIt for the iPhone. With iApproveIt, managers, administrators, peers or other approvers can give "instant" approvals or rejections that are embedded in your ClearTrigger policy and forcibly adhered to by users.
  • 'Evil Twin' Functionality Bit was enhanced to allow for the "repair" of previous element rmname attempts.
  • Performance Improvements that make ClearTrigger aware of additional ClearReplica "class" files. ClearTrigger ClearTrigger is aware of ClearReplica "Class" files that enable ClearReplica to run multiple ClearReplica Shippers and Receivers in parallel, even across distributed machines from heterogeneous architectures. This leads to faster performance for packet creation and processing.
  • Functionality Bits:
    - Auto Warn/Prevent Lost+Found Elements
    - Auto Protect Like Parent
    - Force 'Unreserved' checkouts
  • ClearReplica Performance Aliases to improve ClearTrigger Performance on non-ClearReplica-replicate VOBs.
  • Addition and integration of ClearTrigger Lite to allow a low-cost entry into many of the features of ClearTrigger. (read page 5 of the product matrix)

To compliment existing features like:

Technical Requirements

ClearTrigger simultaneously supports Window, Linux or UNIX.

  • ClearCase: All versions, starting ClearCase 3.2.1
  • Windows: 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, 7
  • Linux and UNIX - all kinds: Suse, CentoOs, Red-Hat, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX and Solaris X86

Trial version includes full functionality, but includes license splash warnings. Try as long as you like, purchase when you are ready.

Watch an Overview

I am very pleased with ClearTrigger. It has a very unique approach to Enterprise policy trigger management that makes it an extremely effective tool. We have been using it since the 2.X release and have been very pleased the functionality of the product. ABS Inc. has provided outstanding product support in terms of quality and response time...

Read full testimonial here.

Jeff Hamilton
ClearCase Administrator/Release Engineering Lead - Ericsson Inc.

We have been using ClearTrigger here at Convergys for 10 months. This is a wonderful product, especially useful in an interop environment...

Creating Triggers has never been easier. ClearCase is a wonderful tool, but without Triggers it is practically impossible to enforce your policy. ClearTrigger has the most common triggers pre-built into their software, so you can you turn utilize the trigger at the drop of a hat...

Read full testimonial here.

Julie Rudinski
ClearCase Administrator - Convergys.

While at Ericsson Corporation, we used ClearTrigger to help organization implement an enterprise wide trigger solution. We were able to consistently and uniformly apply triggers across all VOBs (over 250) and across multiple ClearCase regions. It was simple to implement the same trigger policy at multiple sites. We perfected the configuration at the primary site and just copied the configuration (i.e. the clearbits file) to other sites needing to implement the same trigger policy....

I plan on using ClearTrigger to implement similar policies and controls here at my new position. (and he did - General Dynamics purchased a Worldwide Global license.)

Read full testimonial here.

Ken Creager
Rational Tools Administrator - Ericsson, General Dynamics.