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ClearCheck > Features

Comprehensive Checkup and Analysis

  • Performs integrity checks of the files in the database directory of your VOBs storage (dbcheck)
  • Finds and analyzes inconsistencies within and between VOBs (checkvob)
  • Examines ClearCase and VOBs registry files for inconsistencies (rgy_check)
  • Ensures enough ClearCase VOBs free space
  • Checks are updated according to IBM recommendations and best practices
  • Safe testing: checks are always read-only and change nothing in the VOB or the ClearCase server

Useful Reports

  • Reports are table-based and can be generated in PDF, HTML or Email formats
  • All reports include a summary of findings and color tags for important results
  • Errors are prioritized as Warning or Problem
  • For each Problem a recommended solution is suggested with links to relevant IBM documentation

Easy to Operate

  • Installed and customized within minutes
  • Easy to configure
  • Add servers at the click of a button
  • Automatic identification of all VOBs on the server


  • Friendly GUI to configure schedules and types of checks
  • Command line interface for integration with scripts
  • Dynamic variables for tight integration with backup systems


  • Supports Windows and Linux / UNIX through Telnet and SSH
  • Single Windows management screen controls both platforms
  • Supports all 3rd party storage software and hardware including NAS storage filers like NetApp, EMC, NFS, Samba and TAS


  • Supports SSH and SSH v2
  • Supports RSA keys for SOX compliance

Trial version includes full functionality limited to 21 days

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With ClearCheck we have an ongoing assurance that our ClearCase environment and VOBs are working properly. Instead of occasional manual checking which cost us money and added one more task to a busy schedule, we now get notice if there is a problem and exactly what it is. ClearCheck has made my job much easier

Evgeny Krassilshikov
Director of R&D, (formerly Mainsoft)

I'm using ClearCheck. It's so easy to use, and have great features! I've used it without any difficulty.

Ryota Okumura
Mitsubishi Electric Japan

The daily check results are legible and filtered out well. The solution suggestions are clear and simple, so even a junior ClearCase administrator can understand them easily.

Dvir Ekstein
Senior Configuration Management Expert, FIS Software

ClearCheck is very user friendly and enables ClearCase Admins to schedule dbcheck, checkvob and rgy_check easily and efficiently.

Jayanth S Vasisht
ClearCase Administrator, Intel Technology India

ClearCheck is a great tool for ClearCase admins. It takes a nagging routine task off my list and into an automatic tool that works really well. The reports are clear and useful: I see in an instant where I've got problems and what I need to take care of. Automating validity checks is a wonderful solution to make sure I'm not missing out on anything important that might go wrong.

Dor Anca
Linux & ClearCase Administrator

Using ClearCheck is very comfortable. I can start running it in a click and it runs automatically. The reports are gathered into my email account and I can read them and fix the reported problems when I get time for it.

Zeevik Liak
Configuration Manager and Automation Team Leader, Flash Networks

Great tool! Thank you so much! How do I get unlimited license?

Merav Etzyon
Configuration and Release Manager, N-trig Inc.