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Does ClearCheck change any data?
Absolutely not. ClearCheck runs only in "Read-Only" mode. It can recognize errors in ClearCase data and may suggest you of ways to fix it, but it never changes any data.

You say that ClearCheck runs on Windows, UNIX and Linux. Where is the installation for UNIX and Linux?
You are right. There is only one installation - for Windows dashboard. We set this product so it can talk with your UNIX and Linux VOB server by SSH (Secure Shell). You just need to define server name, user and password. ClearCheck will do the rest.

How much time does it take to start running ClearCheck?
A few minutes. Installation is required for VOB server only, not clients. ClearCheck seamlessly integrates to your ClearCase environments, finds your VOBs, views and ClearCase data by itself. You only need to require a few parameters, and then you can start using it.

How do I get the report?
By email. It will be sent to your defined email address automatically when the report is ready.

Is it considered a monitoring tool?
Yes! ClearCheck monitors your VOB databases health on a daily basis (or any other frequency you wish) and deliver its results to you by Email.

How do I know that ClearCheck's output Email is reliable?
ClearCheck analyzes text using well-known patterns, which were generated by ClearCase. We achieved those patterns by reading all books, knowledge-bases and information available for IBM Rational ClearCase.

We have hundreds of VOBs. Will it work for us?
Of course. You get a final report into your email that includes all VOBs information.

Does ClearCheck synchronize with my VOB backups?
Absolutely yes. You can synchronize ClearCheck to run beside your backup script. ClearCheck can synchronize with Windows, UNIX and Linux backup scripts. More information is available in the manual.

What is "Ready for IBM Rational" logo that you've been awarded?
This logo means that our ClearCheck product was examined by IBM innovation center (IBM IIC) and has been found to be suitable for working as an add-on to Rational ClearCase.

You say that ClearCheck can check all VOBs with no down-time. How can it be possible? Shouldn't VOBs be locked??
In fact, the only check that requires locking the VOBs is "dbcheck". But since ClearCheck supports checking of your VOBs backup, including snapshot of filers like NetAPP and EMC, "dbcheck" can be run with no downtime.

What ClearCase checks are included in "ClearCheck"?
The following are included in all platforms and all ClearCase versions: check integrity of the files in the VOB databases (dbcheck); Find inconsistencies within and between VOBs (checkvob); Check registry files for inconsistencies (rgy_check) and check for left free space in VOBs storage.

I use ClearCase MultiSite. Should I run health checks on both sides?
Health checks should be run on each replica. The reason is: ClearCase does application-level replication, not DB-level replication so they are really independent (but related) databases.

What support do I get when downloading the product?
When you download the product, you get its manual guide as part of installation. The companies that purchase it get support, maintenance and updates as well.

How can I request for enhancements?
You are welcome! Please email us:

Trial version includes full functionality limited to 21 days

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ClearCheck has received "Ready for IBM Rational" validation. Read more

With ClearCheck we have an ongoing assurance that our ClearCase environment and VOBs are working properly. Instead of occasional manual checking which cost us money and added one more task to a busy schedule, we now get notice if there is a problem and exactly what it is. ClearCheck has made my job much easier

Evgeny Krassilshikov
Director of R&D, (formerly Mainsoft)

I'm using ClearCheck. It's so easy to use, and have great features! I've used it without any difficulty.

Ryota Okumura
Mitsubishi Electric Japan

The daily check results are legible and filtered out well. The solution suggestions are clear and simple, so even a junior ClearCase administrator can understand them easily.

Dvir Ekstein
Senior Configuration Management Expert, FIS Software

ClearCheck is very user friendly and enables ClearCase Admins to schedule dbcheck, checkvob and rgy_check easily and efficiently.

Jayanth S Vasisht
ClearCase Administrator, Intel Technology India

ClearCheck is a great tool for ClearCase admins. It takes a nagging routine task off my list and into an automatic tool that works really well. The reports are clear and useful: I see in an instant where I've got problems and what I need to take care of. Automating validity checks is a wonderful solution to make sure I'm not missing out on anything important that might go wrong.

Dor Anca
Linux & ClearCase Administrator

Using ClearCheck is very comfortable. I can start running it in a click and it runs automatically. The reports are gathered into my email account and I can read them and fix the reported problems when I get time for it.

Zeevik Liak
Configuration Manager and Automation Team Leader, Flash Networks

Great tool! Thank you so much! How do I get unlimited license?

Merav Etzyon
Configuration and Release Manager, N-trig Inc.