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Read about our new solutions for ClearCase users

I’m happy to update you about a new service for administrators and a new add-on tool for developers and DevOps folks using ClearCase that we are offering.

New Service: Health Checks for ClearCase VOBs

We now offer a new service based on our unique “ClearCheck” add-on tool for ClearCase. ClearCheck scans ClearCase VOB servers, runs comprehensive health checks on VOBs, and then provides a legible report with action items on how to fix problems within the VOBs (if found). We are now offering it as a one-time assessment service.
This enables you to enjoy both an efficient tool, as well as the benefit of support from our ClearCase experts.

This service is very useful if you’d like to make sure your VOBs are valid, healthy and stable. It can be even more beneficial in situations where you move the VOB servers to a new machine or new architecture.

In some situations it can even help accelerate your VOB performance (contact us for more details).
We can provide this service remotely or on-site.

Watch a new overview of this service:

See an example of the final report you get:

We are offering a special introductory price to companies which place an order before the end of November. To get a quote please send an email to services@almtoolbox.com

New Tool: “Get Real Version” for Developers Using ClearCase

We are now shipping a new utility called the “Get Real Version”, which is a spin-off of our popular Visual Annotate. It simply receives a filename and a line number (as parameters) and efficiently retrieves useful information, such as where this line was REALLY changed (for the first time); by whom; when, etc.

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Do you feel like ClearCase is working too slowly?

We can help you speed up your ClearCase response time if you are using MultiSite, CTE (ClearTeam Explorer) or native ClearCase clients. Contact our services team for more details: services@almtoolbox.com

Reflections our monitoring tools presentation at the C5I conference

Read our reflections from the C5I conference two weeks ago, where we demonstrated our new monitoring tools for ClearCase ClearQuest and Jenkins: Click here

Meet ALMtoolbox in London on November 25th!

Our company has been chosen by the UK Rational User Community to present a case study on utilizing Continuous Integration with ClearCase and Jenkins.

This could be your chance to get a private demo from our head of development about our add-on tools for ClearCase and ClearQuest, including our upcoming new toolset.
Schedule a private meeting

Renew your Rational tools with us and get a bonus

Is it time for you to renew your IBM Software Subscription
and Support?

Check out our new special offer:

Renew any of your IBM Rational tools with us and Get a $400 (USD) Value Software that every ClearCase or ClearQuest user would enjoy.
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Get our up-to-date portfolio

Want to see all our up-to-date offering for ClearCase, ClearQuest, RTC, JIRA, git and more?
Click here: https://www.almtoolbox.com/download/almtoolbox-offering.pdf