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New Tool: “Get Real Version” for Developers Using ClearCase

We are now shipping a new utility called the “Get Real Version”, which is a spin-off of our popular Visual Annotate. It simply receives a filename and a line number (as parameters) and efficiently retrieves useful information, such as where this line was REALLY changed (for the first time); by whom; when, etc.

This tool implements a clever algorithm we have created, which tracks the ClearCase Version Tree and determines the most efficient way to get this real version.

This helps you to better understand your code, especially a legacy code that may have been made years ago. You can easily compare the current version with the real version and get the correlation to other part in code. This helps you to resolve bugs and maintain code much more efficiently.

If you want to measure the time you could be saving, just consider all of the time you spend searching within the ClearCase Version Tree…

The beta release is now available and it’s free – to get your copy please contact beta@almtoolbox.com

It’s currently available in command-line only, however soon it will be part of our Full Visual Annotate and our new Visual Annotate extension for Visual Studio.