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GoMidjets Newsletter December 2013: ClearCase, ClearQuest and RTC

It’s been a long time since we released our last newsletter… Wait no longer – here is our latest newspaper!

This year was very busy and exciting for us. New releases, new customers and new ClearCase and SCM, DevOps and ALM challenges we resolved. I visited customers in Germany, US (4 different states), Canada and China!
Now it’s time to update you with the news of the last few months, keep you apprised of our end of the year offering. I can assure you that we are planning new great things with ClearCase, RTC and ClearQuest for the coming year as well. Stay tuned!
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Special offerWe now have a special offer available if you order our solutions by the end of the year.

The offer includes all of our ClearCase add-on tools: ClearCheck, R&D Reporter, Visual Annotate and ClearEnv!

Please contact sales@almtoolbox.com for further details.

R&D Reporter dashboard

What’s new in R&D Reporter V4?

New dashboard; new queries, reports and charts; new integration with ClearQuest and Visual Annotate, new export formats and more! Click to learn more.

Download is available here.

Announcing R&D Reporter for managers

ClearCase charts reports for managers

R&D Reporter now offers new and unique reports for managers, including R&D manager, Quality manager and release managers.

The new reports include LOC metrics; comparing composite baselines, project comparison (plan vs. execution); comparing multiple streams and more.

Click to learn more and to download.

PDF ClearCaseNew paper: Getting Lines of Code Metrics and why you should consider using it

In this paper we explain what LOC is, why it’s measured and how we help you apply it with ClearCase. Click to download and learn more.

New: DevOps Solution for ClearCase & ClearQuestClearCase DevOps
DevOps is a set of principles and best practices that help improve communication between development, QA and operations. Our solution can help you gain DevOps benefits with ClearCase, including greater visibility, improved communication and expedited release time. You can find practical examples in this paper and a recorded webcast with Bob Aiello.

A few weeks ago we asked our audience about more DevOps features we’ve been considering putting into our tools, including smart email alerting and smart integration with Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing tools. I’d like to thank all participants. We are still processing the results and will announce the Amazon gift cards winners soon. We do plan to enhance our tools with the new functionality soon.

ClearCase Linux Coming soon: R&D Reporter for Linux and UNIX!

We’re now working to support ClearCase clients running on Linux and UNIX, including remote clients (CCRC).

Beta release is available now – please contact beta@almtoolbox.com and ask to download it.

GoMidjets YouTubeNew video: what do we do?

Watch my 1 minute video explaining what we do at GoMidjets.

You can watch more videos we have by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Avoid ClearCase corruptionsLet them deliver on time and avoid ClearCase corruptions!

A new and concise page about ClearCheck and what health checks it covers, including all its benefits. Click to learn more: https://www.almtoolbox.com/blog/avoid-clearcase-error-corruptions-downtime

ClearCase servicesNew: We now provide complementary services to our ClearCase add-ons

As we often get requests to provide complementary services for our ClearCase add-on tools, we decided to take up the gauntlet and provide services along with selling our toolset. These services provide a turn-key solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of customers.

The services are provided by experienced SCM, ClearCase, ClearQuest and RTC experts, either remotely or on-site.

To get the list of relevant services we provide, click here.

RTC dashboard for ClearCase Charts

New: Integrating ClearCase Development Status Charts with RTC Dashboard

This new functionality enables you to utilize the dashboard capabilities of Rational Team Concert (RTC) and produce web-based status reports and charts for ClearCase.

Click to Learn more.


Users of ClearCase \ ClearQuest 7.x: your attention please

I’d like to remind you that IBM will withdraw support from ClearCase 7.x and ClearQuest 7.x on April 30 2014.

You have to upgrade to versions 8.x by that date.

Please note that our tools support both versions 8.x and version 7.x.

ClearCase logoWhat’s new in ClearCase 8.0.1

This release focuses on new ACL functionality. ACL is [link], and ClearCase now offers a broad functionality that supports ACL in many modes, including cleartool and rcleartool commands.

To learn what’s new: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27038808

ClearQuest ReporterWhat’s new in ClearQuest 8.0.1There are many enhancements in usability, security and integrations in the web interface:

  • Improved multi-record-update feature that supports large-scale changes
  • Hide actions whose users did not have permission to perform
  • Improved smartcard authentication support for the integration between ClearCase and ClearQuest
  • Secure email notification with the new SMTP Relay transport in the EmailPlus package
  • OSLC 2.0 consumer support that provides better integration with tools such as HP ALM and Atlassian Jira

There are also enhancements in schema designer, including upgrades to ratlperl and CQPerl versions. Check carefully before you upgrade!

Click to learn more.