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Announcing R&D Reporter for Managers

Today we have some exciting news about new functionality for managers in shops that work in ClearCase and ClearQuest. Now you can get real-time status reports that affect you and can help you make informed decisions. For example, you can compare builds, compare views and streams, export reports, get lines-of-code (LOC) metrics, status charts and more.

New dashboard including queries for R&D Manager

New dashboardYou can quickly set up a new query, filtered and customized to your needs, and you can save the queries for future use, or even automate them as part of many development processes.

Comparing composite baselines and LOC metrics

Composite baselines and LOC metricsThis report displays the differences for all components in a composite baseline, grouped by components.

The report provides the filenames and the version for each baseline.

The report also provides metrics for the differences between the composite baselines: how many files have been added, removed and changed and how many files have not been changed (kept identical).

Project comparison – plan .vs. execution

Project comparison (plan vs. execution)For each activity you can see the original plan duration (in purple) and current execution in light blue.

* Requires Issue /Bug tracking system that exports data to CSV files (e.g. ClearQuest, RTC, Jira or BugZilla)

Comparing multiple streams

Multiple streams reportThis report enables you to compare a central (a “pivot”) stream with multiple streams and get all of the results in one report! This way you can reach informed decisions by knowing which activities have to be delivered (to integration stream) from all of the child streams. 


The new functionality is in beta mode until the next week, and you can download it now!

Download  Request a meeting

We hope that you and your team can benefit from these features. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

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System requirements to install R&D Reporter V4.0 Beta:
  • Installed ClearCase “native” client (it will be available soon for Linux and remote clients)
  • .NET FW 3.5 (can be installed from Microsoft website)