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New White Paper: Code Review with GitLab

We have just released a new white paper (13 pages) that describes ALL features provided in GitLab that support a modern Code Review process. There are 25 relevant features to code review, and we grouped them by editions (from free edition to enterprise editions) . We also added a few examples, a basic GitLab flow […]

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Tackling your legacy code and old projects with ClearCase

In this article, we’ll describe the challenges in using ClearCase to manage legacy code, and how our extensions can help you save time, effort and money while mitigating risks. What exactly is legacy code and what are the inherent challenges? Legacy code is source code created for a system that is no-longer actively supported by […]

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White Paper: Lessons Learned from Testing Service-Oriented Architectures

What issues you should consider when testing service-oriented architectures? Leading companies now have over a decade of experience in testing complex service-oriented architectures and other distributed systems. Eight key lessons have emerged about how to avoid some of the most common testing pitfalls and provide recommendations on how to mitigate certain pervasive issues. To learn […]

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