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New: CI Module for “The Shield” application to improve its Code Security and Fight Coronavirus

To encourage downloads of the ‘Shield’ app that fights coronavirus, we have built a complementary Continuous Integration (CI) solution and code scanners to improve information security, code security and privacy of the app. We also invite the developers to use it freely and continuously in future. A few days ago, the Israeli Ministry of Health […]

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FLASH: Vulnerability in IBM Rational ClearCase ClearQuest with potential for TLS Attack

The IBM GSKit component used in Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest is susceptible to a Transport Layer Security protocol (used in HTTPS) vulnerability known as “Lucky Thirteen.” The vulnerability might allow remote attackers to conduct distinguishing and plain-text recovery attacks by statistically analyzing timing data for crafted packets. Remediation: Upgrade to latest version:, or […]

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