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Vulnerabilities in 3rd-party Apps Have Caused Code Theft from GitHub

GitHub reported that a hacker was apparently exploiting a security vulnerability or human error on 3rd-party apps Travis and Heroku. The security vulnerability exposed the tokens, allowing the hacker to steal the tokens and utilize them to enter private repositories on GitHub (including NPM) so he managed to download those repositories – including all the […]

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GitLab Installation: CE or EE?

Many companies planning to start using GitLab are not sure whether to go for the free Community Edition (CE) or for the paid Enterprise Edition (EE). Some decide to start with CE and consider switching to EE later, if they feel that they need more functionality and/or that they want GitLab’s support. Now what version […]

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ALMtoolbox announces Strategic DevOps Partnership with GitHub

Industry leaders partner to maximise reach of joint DevOps solutions and capabilities. Tel-Aviv 22nd May, 2016 – ALMtoolbox, the leading DevOps and Digital Transformation Consultancy headquartered in Israel, today announced its strategic partnership with GitHub, the platform millions of developers and organisations around the world use to discover, share and contribute to projects. Under this partnership, […]

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