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Mattermost: The WhatsApp Alternative Ensuring Privacy and Security

Did you know that Mattermost can be used as a WhatsApp replacement,
including a much more private and secure chat and communication tool – and even for free?

whatsapp alternative

This is possible both on mobile devices (as an application similar to WhatsApp – including iOS and Android)
and as desktop software installed on computers (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Mattermost can be used in 3 ways:

  1. Self-hosted in your servers (with all the protections you want such as a firewall)
  2. In a public cloud / SaaS (multi-tenant), so you don’t have to manage the server by yourself
  3. Private cloud – Self-hosted on your private server in any cloud (also possible as a managed service we provide to our customers – so you don’t have to deal with server maintenance yourself)

Unlike WhatsApp, Mattermost offers additional security capabilities:

  • Enforcement of MFA
  • Connection via SSO / SAML
  • Connection through LDAP and AD
  • Connection through OpenID
  • Advanced authorization system according to users and groups

and more

In addition – there is a privacy advantage:
your information does not go to the Facebook / Meta company,
and you can always install your own private server and thus give you full control over the server side and the information.

Mattermost also offers additional and advanced benefits:

  • Displaying the entire discussion history in the group even for new users who join (not available on WhatsApp)
  • Option to block sending messages that do not comply with company policy (such as blocking IP addresses)
  • Support for combining Right-to-left languages (and Left-to-right) in the same sentence
  • Option to send automatic reminders
  • Ability to conduct discussions in a hierarchical manner (Threaded Topics)
  • Option to turn discussions into tasks (including a board that centers tasks)
  • Possibility to build bots, automations and integrations for organizational tools (such as GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Jenkins and more)
  • Option to define playbooks for organizational processes
  • Full desktop apps for a variety of operating systems (not just web apps)
  • Audio calls
  • Voice calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Writing messages in Rich format

And much more!

Interested in Mattermost?

You can contact us for the following information:

  • Explanations on how to connect to the system, install it and use it
  • A detailed comparison table of all the capabilities of the system, segmented by cloud/private installation and free/non-free capabilities
  • Obtaining a trial license for all system capabilities
  • Obtaining prices for licensing and quotation

and of course for any question!

Contact us: mattermost@almtoolbox.com or Call 866-503-1471 / +972-722-405-222


Mattermost Overview (2 min):

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