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We officially represent Infisical for Secrets Management

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We are happy to announce that as part of our DevOps and DevSecOps solutions,
We also offer Infisical’s solution for secrets management.

What is Infisical?

This is a tool for managing secrets in a convenient way, that was designed for developer first.
Infisical knows how to store, retrieve and synchronize secrets such as API keys, access passwords (also for databases), certificates, and manage it against infrastructures both in a public cloud (SaaS) and on-premises (including in closed networks and private clouds).

In addition, Infisical prevents leakage of secrets in version control tools (such as git, GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, ClearCase etc.) and also enables secure sharing of secrets between developers and development groups.

Infisical can also be used as part of development and DevOps processes. The tool also offers integration to common CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, ArgoCD as well as additional infrastructure tools such as Kubernetes, OpenShift and more.

Infisical can be used both in the cloud (as a SaaS service) and in a private installation in your data center or in a private installation in the cloud.

The product is actually an alternative product to HashiCorp Vault (which is also offered by us),
And it offers a more convenient UI and an easier environment for the end-users.

Some of Infisical benefits:

  • It contributes to the security of the information and privacy of the customers and employees: improves the security of the code itself, security of your applications, security of the infrastructure and all the processes of development and delivery or deployment to production environments.
  • The product is based on open source
  • The product emphasizes a convenient user interface (UI), especially for end-users and developers.
  • There is integration with GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket and more.
  • Infiscal can be integrated with any SCM or Version Control tool.
  • There is integration with CI/CD tools
  • There is integration with infrastructure tools such as Kubernetes, OpenShift and more.
  • Infisical can be used both as a SaaS solution and in a private On-prem installation (including an air-gapped closed network)
  • Affordable prices for paid editions and enterprise shops.
  • It’s open source and there is also a free edition
  • It helps you comply with standards and regulations like GDPR

Among the companies using Infisical:

First American Financial Corporation, Delivery Hero, Hugging Face, Metropolis, Bermuda Monetary, Traba

In addition, we (ALM-Toolbox) can help you with professional services and support, including:

  • Integrate Infisical with your development processes and DevOps / CI/CD processes
  • Connect Infisical to common version control tool such as git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps (and more)
  • We can help install the product (in closed environments or on-premises / private cloud)
  • Help you make sure that solution is suitable to your company’s needs
  • Giving you local support

Contact us for further details or if you’d like to try it or get pricing:
infisical@almtoolbox.com or by phone: +33 01 84 17 53 28

Watch Infisical Demo:

Introducing Infisical Secrets Management
(we added captions at your convenience)

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