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New: Visual Annotate 3.6 is out!

We’re proud to announce the new version!

Visual Annotate helps you drill down into the history of any code line in a file within ClearCase. This tool can be very useful for saving the time and effort of developers, system integrators and release managers who work with ClearCase.

The tool is provided with a floating (concurrent) license, node-locked license or a free community license. The tool is seamlessly integrated with R&D Reporter and with a variety of IDEs.
The Free Community Edition provides you with the product’s full functionality for up to 20 minutes a day. To learn more, click here.

To download the free edition and evaluate the tool, click here.
Subscribed user? Download the upgrade kit here.
To see the list of all the features and the difference between editions, click here.

What’s new in v3.6?

  1. A new auto-complete feature that predicts the rest of a file path that the user wants to visually annotate. This makes the typing of the long filename much easier. See what it looks like:
  2. The “Go to Line…” feature was extended and you can now launch it by clicking on “Ctrl + G” (quite similar to the same functionality in Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs).

    This enables you to easily jump to a certain code line by clicking on the “Go to…” button (think how that can help you when you have to see the details of line no. 21162…)

  3. A new clock that shows the lapsed time and the remaining time (visible in free edition only)
  4. The license type is now displayed on the status bar of the main form.
  5. Resolved issues:
    – Fixed a defect with border lines
    – Fixed some minor defects related to the new integration with bug-tracking tools (click here to read about the integration)

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