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New: Download Community Edition of Visual Annotate for Free

GoMidjets is pleased to announce a new “Community Edition” of Visual Annotate, our popular ClearCase add-on.

This edition allows you to fully experience our annotating tool and drill down to your code history for FREE.

This special Community edition works for 20 minutes every day (i.e. every day at midnight you automatically get 20 minutes renewed for the next day).

diff tracking annotating ClearCase

Visual Annotate

We decided to contribute this special edition to the ClearCase community in order to make the data stored in ClearCase more accessible and help ClearCase users to use this system more easily.

We believe that ClearCase is an excellent SCM system but we found that end-users (mostly developers) sometimes find it difficult to find out the data they need – and that’s what Visual Annotate provides.

To get this edition, simply download Visual Annotate from our website

Here are some common questions we’ve been asked about this edition (FAQ):

Q: How do you measure the daily FREE 20 minutes?

Daily 20 minutes are accumulated from midnight, every day. You can close the utility and open it later during the day, and continue to enjoy any remaining time. For instance: If you use it for 6 minutes and then close it, you still have another 24 minutes until midnight. You get a small countdown clock at the bottom of the screen that reminds you how much time you have left.

Q: What are the differences between the Community and Premium editions?

Community Edition is limited to 20 minutes a day and no more than two Visual Annotate concurrent instances (displayed on computer at the same time). Additionally, Premium edition users enjoy full customer support and see no ads.

Q: Do you provide support for Community Edition?

Support is available through for 30 days only after download.

Q: What if I need more than 20 minutes a day or technical support?

You can purchase a license and join the many satisfied customers that use the Premium edition of Visual Annotate. Premium licenses are available as floating (concurrent) license and node-locked licenses. For a quote, please contact