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Recordings from GitLab Commit Conference (Brooklyn 2019)

Creating a CI/CD Pipeline with GitLab and Kubernetes in 20 Minutes

GitLab and Kubernetes provide everything you need to build, test, deploy, and run your app at scale. In this session you’ll learn how to transform a fresh Kubernetes cluster into a CI/CD bastion for your GitLab projects in 20 minutes starting from scratch through live demo.

GitLab Permissions as Code

With increased adoption of GitLab at Northwestern Mutual, having good control and visibility of permissions became a crucial piece for GitLab to become NWM’s Enterprise SCM tool. While GitLab offers the ability to integrate with Active Directory, controlling access and approval through Active Directory Groups can be challenging and unclear. To solve these pain points, Nicole and Mike developed a way to manage all permissions within GitLab as code. Having permissions as code empowers excellent auditibility. And through the use of Code Owners, they’re able to offer self-service capabilities by delegating permissions management to the correct people.

In this session, Nicole and Mike dive into the technical aspects of how Northwestern Mutual leveraged the GitLab API to achieve Permission as code, not to mention how other teams can do so too.

Nicole Schultz, Senior Engineer, CI/CD Engineering | Cloud & DevOps at Northwestern Mutual
Mike Nick, Senior Engineer at Northwestern Mutual


GitLab’s Journey to Continuous Delivery

his talk is about the practical realities of starting continuous deployments for legacy applications. GitLab releases every 22nd of the month to help their large, self-managed install base maintain consistency. However, as they are in the process of moving to Kubernetes, they are increasing the velocity of feature development (yay!) and that meant they needed the ability to deploy more regularly.

Traditionally, talks and blog posts focus on adopting the latest Kubernetes-enabled, star-spangled CI/CD solution but Marin went the alternate route of pushing GitLab’s existing legacy CI/CD system to the limit instead. This talk is the story of how Marin Jankovski found success, both human and byte-sized. Learn from an Engineering Manager at GitLab, as Marin jumps into not only why this migration is important but how to make it as effective and seamless as possible.

Speaker: Marin Jankovski, Engineering Manager at GitLab

Transcription is available here.