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New Visual Studio Extension for ClearCase Release and End-of-Year Discount

I’m happy to inform you that we now have a new release of our extension for ClearCase. This tool enables you to drill down into the history of any code line in a file.

Download Visual Studio Extension

If you suffer of slowness and awkwardness of the Version Tree of ClearCase, this extension can save your tons of time and effort.

Visual Studio Extension C++

You can immediately download the Free Edition – it provides all functionality but limited to first 80 lines only.

Download Free Edition of our Visual Studio Extension

It works for Visual Studio 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010, including snapshot and dynamic views.
You can also enjoy our “Get Real Change” command-line utility that provides it from the command-line prompt.

End of Year Discount
We now offer 7% discount if you order licenses by 12/15/2016. For further details please send email to sales@almtoolbox.com .

P.S. We also have the following editions: Stand-alone Edition for Windows; Eclipse plugin and command-line utility for Linux. Contact us for further details.

Watch an overview video of our Visual Studio Extension and the command-line utility:


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