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Visual Annotate > Finding and fixing bugs made easy!

Annotating Tool for Developers Using Rational ClearCase

As a developer, team leader, integrator, release engineer or QA engineer, have you ever asked youself:

  • "Who inserted that line of source code?"
  • "Where did this line of code come from? What was the source branch or stream?"
  • "When was this line of code inserted? How can I find the lines which have been inserted recently?"
What do you do when you encounter a bug? or a merge conflict? Can you find the problem quickly?
Now you can find these answers and it's easier than ever!

Watch an Overview

Save your Time on Debugging

Visual Annotate provides a source code viewer that colors each code line separately, depending on the criteria that you choose: by usernames, by dates or by versions. It also provides you with a special mode in which you can see removed lines. This feature helps you compare the same code line on different versions - even more than two versions simultaneously!


  • Show ClearCase Versions colored layers

    Colored annotate by versions including removed lines (click to enlarge)

  • ClearCase Diff versions and Annotate

    See annotation and embedded diff in one screen (click to enlarge)

  • Visual Annotate Settings

    Visual Annotate Settings: Many ways to customize the tool (click to enlarge)

  • Search in code with ClearCase anntoated data

    Search in code and in annotated data (click to enlarge)

Key Features

  • Track changes from the code line perspective
  • Color code lines and annotated data
  • Customize the tool for your own needs
  • Seamlessly integrated with and from ClearCase
  • Embedded 'Diff' and track changes - see them in one dashboard
  • See removed lines
  • Show who really made the change and more actual data
  • Integration with many bug\issue trackers
  • Search in code and in annotated data
  • Integration with IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse etc.)
  • Show code distribution with pie charts
  • Command-line interface (CLI)
  • Export annotated data to a special report file
  • Integration with R&D Reporter
  • See the full list


  • Easily locate the source of defects
  • Improve collaboration among developers and R&D stakeholders
  • Much faster than Version Tree or History Browser
  • Compare more than two versions at once
  • Drill down into the history of any code line in a file
  • Get all information about changes in the source-code context
  • Produce higher quality products in less time
  • Seamlessly integrated with ClearCase environments
  • A better alternative to cleartool annotate
  • Safely change your legacy code
  • Audit trail for ClearCase
  • Applies ClearCase and SCM best practices
  • Find and transform unstructured data into insights
  • The ultimate "blame" for ClearCase!
  • A single source of truth

System Requirements

  • ClearCase native client for Windows and an accessbile dynamic or snapshot ClearCase view
  • ClearCase: All versions, Base and UCM, starting from 2003.06
  • Windows: 8.x, 7.x, Server 2008, Server 2003, XP and 2000

Coming Soon

  • A solution for Linux, UNIX, CCRC, CTE, Eclipse, Visual Studio and cloud-based users. Let us know if you want to join our Beta program: Email us

Visual Annotate is featured in the IBM Global Solutions Directory: ID 46469
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ALMtoolbox's Visual Annotate for ClearCase is a smart tool that enables developers on Windows to visually inspect changes to any given version of their software asset . It certainly improves developer and team productivity.

Sreenivasan Rajagopal, ClearCase ClearQuest Product Manager, IBM Rational

Visual Annotate can quickly show the "real" source of a code change, no matter how many branching and merging it underwent since last change. It saves a lot of time when you need to determine the origin of a specific lines of code, especially with large and complex version trees.

Yossi Zinger, SCM Team Leader, Algotec

I'm continuosly impressed by the ability of ALMtoolbox to fill a gap between the core functioanlity provided by ClearCase and the needs of our customers. Visual Annotate is just one of those tools provided by ALMtoolbox that can help ClearCase users easily understand the history of changes to a file, line by line

Howard Bernstein, Product Manager - ClearCase and ClearQuest, IBM Rational

This widget is very useful to improve productivity during debugging.

Pascal Chevochot, Software Development Lead, Sogitec

This is a very cool widget. There are some things you just want/need a GUI for, and this is one of them.

Geoffrey Clemm, Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Cool widget!

Daniel Diebolt, Senior Consultant, IBM Switzerland

Visual Annotate quickly finds code snippets entered between certain points in time. the alternative is version tree search. well, that is a needle in haystack!

Gabby Romano, Configuration Manager, IBM