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New Product for Developers using ClearCase & Visual Studio

We’re happy to announce the official release of our Visual Annotate extension (add-on) for Visual Studio!

This add-on tool enables you to discover critical information for each code line: when it was checked-in and by whom; which version and branch or UCM stream it was checked into; relevant labels or UCM baselines; the comments that were also placed when the file version was being checked-in, and source and target versions if this line was checked-in during a merge operation.

Visual Annotate for ClearCase and Visual Studio

Users who tried the previous beta releases reported that it is very useful in many cases, such as for:

  • Maintaining old (legacy) code
  • Resolving bugs more easily
  • Spotting correlations between code sections

and many more.

The add-on is seamlessly integrated with ClearCase and Visual Studio (as well as ClearQuest in some cases).
Installation takes only 2 minutes!



We have special introductory prices for orders issued before December 31, 2015.

To get a quote please send an email to sales@almtoolbox.com

This add-on tool also includes a brand new feature that enables you to quickly get details of the real change, such as where this line was REALLY changed (for the first time); by whom; when, etc.

This feature implements a clever algorithm we have developed, which tracks the ClearCase Version Tree and determines the most efficient way to get this real version.

Get Real Chance ClearCase

This helps you to better understand your code, especially a legacy code that may have been made years ago.

You can easily compare the current version with the real version and get the correlation to other code parts. This helps you to resolve bugs and maintain code much more efficiently.

If you want to measure the time you could be saving, just consider all of the time you spend searching within the ClearCase Version Tree

To learn more (there are more features inside!), click here.

To download, click here.

Please share this tool with your developers who can appreciate the time and energy that that they will save by using this tool.