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New: Uptime and Network Latency Charts

As part of our recent release of the ALM Performance monitoring tool, we are offering two new charts:
an Uptime chart and a network latency chart.

We provide these charts embedded in a daily email you can get every morning right into your inbox, and it displays the availability of given hosts you’d like to monitor, including Jenkins master hosts; Jenkins nodes (slaves); ClearCase servers, ClearQuest servers and others.

Uptime SLA chart Jenkins ClearCase ClearQuest

In picture: host availability Pie Chart of the past 24 hours


Network latency chart for Jenkins ClearCase ClearQuest

In picture: network latency bar chart of the past 24 hours (in milliseconds)


It’s very easy to install this tool – and the first chart is provided for free as part of our  Free Community Edition (but you can also evaluate the full version and get them both).

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