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New ClearEnv version (1.0.8) has been released!

These days we are receiving many feedbacks and it helps us to improve ClearEnv. Go ahead!

We would like to share with you our recent development effort:

What’s new in version 1.0.8

  • Graphic update for Windows Snapshot views. Till now windows snapshot views were being created in the background, while you get a full log file when the process ends. Now you have another option – you can use the old-bug-good “ClearCase update” GUI. You can see a full log when the process ends as well.
  • Clone project instances. Since you may create many instances with minimal differences, you may want an easy way to clone its properties. Now you have it.
  • Bugs fixing

You can find download and installation instructions at the end of this post.

These new features are joined to new features of the recent 1.0.7 features:

  • Naming convention for streams and views. Read more…
  • Create both dynamic and snapshot views for your development environments
  • Separate the directories of view storage directory and view directory (“loaded files”)

We are not taking a rest! In a week we will release a new version that includes another new features:

  • Create new environments which are based on previous baselines (in addition to the recommended baseline)
  • Create both dynamic and snapshot views for your integration environments (just as you have in the development environments)


  • Our “Request for Enhancement” email is open 24×7 for you: rfe@almtoolbox.com
  • These days we are also setting our support center. As it become available, we will be able to offer you professional customer support. Meanwhile, keep using our support email: support@almtoolbox.com

Download and install instruction for ClearEnv v1.0.8:

  • Full version is here. Installation: Run the exe file and follow the instructions.
  • Upgrade version is here. Installation: Run the exe file on your ClearEnv server host and follow the instructions. No installation is necessary for your clients.