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LIVE Webcast: Monitoring Performance and Vitality of Jenkins

I’m happy to announce the release of our ALM Vitality v1.2. This tool continuously monitors Jenkins and gives you smart alerts and notifications about the current state of your critical systems.

Monitoring ClearCase ClearQuest Jenkins

We created this tool based on requests from many Jenkins, ClearCase & ClearQuest users who want to gain better control over their systems; be able to resolve problems much faster (when they happen) and get more availability of their critical assets.

To mark the release of Version 1.2 is out, we’ll be demonstrating the tool in a LIVE webcast on Wednesday 2/17 and you’re welcome to attend!

Jenkins Monitoring tool and webinar

Jenkins Webcast: 9AM EST / 3PM CET

During the session we’ll cover the following issues:

  • Which components you should monitor on Jenkins masters and slaves
  • What metrics you should be tracking
  • Does it help you to apply best practices of DevOps?
  • LIVE DEMO on monitoring real Jenkins system
  • How ALM Vitality tool works

Recording is available! Click here

This webinar is intended for anyone who is responsible Jenkins systems and want to maintain the high availability of these systems. This usually includes administrators, DevOps engineers, Release managers, developers, R&D managers and QA engineers.

The webcasts will be delivered by Tamir Gefen (ALMtoolbox CEO) and David Cohen (ALM Vitality product manager).

We’ll record the webinar and provide the recording and slides to all registered users, so you should register even if the show time does not fit your schedule (then you can see it later).

For any questions please contact apm@almtoolbox.com. If you’d like to evaluate this tool please contact this email as well.


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