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How GitLab and Kubernetes Work Together

GitLab is considered a breakthrough tool not just as a version control and CI tool – but also as a strong CD (Continuous Deployment) tool, especially if you work with containers (such as Docker) and Kubernetes.

To demonstrate these benefits of GitLab,we have collected 7 selected videos that were released in the past year. They demonstrate how you can integrate GitLab with Kubernetes to get a very strong CI/CD solution and DevOps lifecycle.

These aren’t official videos from the GitLab company; they come from free meetup organizers all over the world – who chose GitLab for demonstrating its advanced functionality working with Kubernetes (and recommend using GitLab).
Note you can click the “cc” button in the video player to watch with captions.

1. From code (in GitLab) to Production (using Kubernetes)

The video demonstrates how to reduce the feedback loop between changing code and seeing the effect of those code changes in the production environment.

2. Building a CI/CD Pipeline with Kubernetes and Rancher 2.0

One of the most common uses for Kubernetes is to improve development operations, and as part of that, teams need to determine the best way to integrate their CI workflows with Kubernetes

3. GitLab and Kubernetes for Fun and Profit

A technical demo about the combined power of Gitlab and Kubernetes. During this demo we will take a look at what it takes to use Kubernetes as a runner environment for Gitlab pipelines and discover the advantages it brings to your continuous delivery and integration game.

4. Automating Kubernetes Deployments with Helm and GitLab CI

Helm is a package manager that helps to install and manage Kubernetes manifests. With the Helm tool you can configure different releases of your application. The Helm ecosystem offers you many features to setup and manage complex cloud native container systems. Serverless or microservice architectures need a lot of glue infrastructure components. Helm is more than homebrew for Kubernetes.

In this talk I will show you some automation practices, such as infrastructure as code, continuous integration, continuous deployment, release automation with Gitlab. We build container systems in conjunction with Kubernetes and Helm. As developer you will learn, how you easily can control your stage environments, reuse setups and how to release your complete application stack.

5. GitLab + OpenFaaS for Serverless CI/CD on Kubernetes

OpenFaaS Founder Alex Ellis shows us how to build and deploy an OpenFaaS Ruby function from source to URL within 20 seconds of hitting commit

6. GitLab on Kubernetes

7. GitLab CI/CD with Kubernetes