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Coming soon with ClearCase: new Lines-of-code chart per code language

Do you have to provide a report on how many code lines have been added, changed and deleted for each code language separately? Soon it will be possible with R&D Reporter for ClearCase.

Furthermore, it provides you with the metrics in the specific context that you’re looking for: when comparing two baselines, two streams, two views or baseline with a stream.

ClearCase LOC chart metrics per code language

In picture: x-pivot displays LOC metrics of different code languages found on your files in relevant scope (in this example the scope was a two baselines comparison).

This is a live chart and you can hover on the chart and get metrics for each code language (in this example we hover on cpp [C++] files)

This new chart joins our existing LOC metrics and charts that you can see on this white paper.

Do you want to try the beta version? Contact beta@almtoolbox.com