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IBM Rational Renewals

  Is it time for you to renew your IBM Software Subscription and Support? See our unique proposal, including free add-ons as a bonus for you: >>> See our proposal    

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RQM 4.0.6 and CLM 4.0.6 are Out!

What’s new? RQM 4.0.6: Better test planning and tracking when test suites are used Enhanced support of parameterized automated tests Improved traceability from requirements to test script steps Click to learn more CLM 4.0.6 continuous strengthening of the IBM DevOps solution! Click to learn more.

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What’s new in Rational Quality Manager 4.0.5

Last week IBM released a new version. What’s New? Improved visibility between test and requirements Better test artifact organization using categories (improved ease of use) Enhanced control over long-running test suites (pause and resume are now enabled!) Improved workflow for test artifact approval Easily restore test artifacts Integration with Requirements Management tools (RRC and DOORS) […]

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What’s new in Rational Quality Manager 4.0.1

Speed up test creation and edition Be more efficient with additional ways to create, edit, sort, filter, and query test artifacts Capture screenshots directly from the manual test script editor and during manual test execution Quickly find Test Case Execution Records by filtering the view based on Test Case categories Use test plans or the […]

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