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Visual Annotate > FAQ

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Which file types are supported by Visual Annnotate?
Visual Annotate is powered by ClearCase annotate sub-command. That means that it does not support file types which are not supported by ClearCase. ClearCase supports two file types only: text_file_delta and z_text_file_delta If you try to operate annotate on another file type, you will get an error message.

What should I do if I get Error: Operation "annotate" unavailable for manager file type?
That means that ClearCase does not support this file type. You can change file type by using 'cleartool chtype' (please consult your ClearCase administrator).

How do I know if the version of Visual Annotate I currently use is the latest one?
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ALMtoolbox's Visual Annotate for ClearCase is a smart tool that enables developers on Windows to visually inspect changes to any given version of their software asset . It certainly improves developer and team productivity.

Sreenivasan Rajagopal, ClearCase ClearQuest Product Manager, IBM Rational

Visual Annotate can quickly show the "real" source of a code change, no matter how many branching and merging it underwent since last change. It saves a lot of time when you need to determine the origin of a specific lines of code, especially with large and complex version trees.

Yossi Zinger, SCM Team Leader, Algotec

I'm continuosly impressed by the ability of ALMtoolbox to fill a gap between the core functioanlity provided by ClearCase and the needs of our customers. Visual Annotate is just one of those tools provided by ALMtoolbox that can help ClearCase users easily understand the history of changes to a file, line by line

Howard Bernstein, Product Manager - ClearCase and ClearQuest, IBM Rational

This widget is very useful to improve productivity during debugging.

Pascal Chevochot, Software Development Lead, Sogitec

This is a very cool widget. There are some things you just want/need a GUI for, and this is one of them.

Geoffrey Clemm, Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Cool widget!

Daniel Diebolt, Senior Consultant, IBM Switzerland

Visual Annotate quickly finds code snippets entered between certain points in time. the alternative is version tree search. well, that is a needle in haystack!

Gabby Romano, Configuration Manager, IBM