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Taiga - the Project Management Tool for multi-functional Agile Teams

Taiga is a tool for the management of projects, tasks, and bugs based on Agile/Scrum/Kanban methodologies. Taiga is oriented towards those methodologies and contains suitable forms and fields. Taiga is an alternative of Jira, especially for those who consider Jira as too "heavy".

Here is a list of Taiga capabilities:
  • It runs both in the cloud (multi-tenant) and on-premises, on your server (behind a firewall, etc.). You can also install it on a private VM in the cloud.
  • Supports full development process.
  • A planning tool, e.g. for the planning of sprints.
  • Supports writing from right to left, including in Hebrew.
  • Connects to git, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab.
  • Data import from Jira and Trello.
  • You can control the workflow and customize fields.
  • In use by organizations small and big, including RedHat, Orange, Lockheed Martin, etc.
  • Open source-based.
  • Connects to Active Directory and LDAP.
  • The tool exists about five years.

Watch Overview (1 minute):

Kanban Board

Taiga 6 kanban board

Sprint Board and Burndown Chart

Taiga 6 burndown chart

Issues Board

Taiga 6 issues

Taiga's Benefits

  • Agile: The system is intended for organizations using agile technologies like Scrum/Kanban and is well suited for those technologies
  • Open source: The code of Taiga is open so that you can customize it for your needs. You can also watch the discussions about system components, participate in them and thus influence the decisions!
  • Full control of installation You can install Taiga on-premises in your organization (including behind a firewall or air-gapped) and also in a public or private cloud.
  • The system is built using modern technologies : It was created in 2015 and is continuously developed. Version 6 was released in January 2021.
  • Intuitive interface.Taiga is easy to start working with, and you can be adapt it to your needs as you work with it.
  • Effective communication within your team. sharing the progress and information and discussing ideas with members of your team.
  • Helps to plan the work, prioritize the tasks and work in an orderly manner.
  • Provides visibility -into the state of the project, both on the level of individual tasks and on the deliverable system level.
  • Supports rapid growth and is suitable for large organizations: Even on a single server Taiga supports thousands of users. It also supports a high-availability configuration.
  • Ease of migrations: It is relatively easy to migrate from other systems like Jira, asana, etc.
  • Ease of starting off: On-premises installation is fast, and if you prefer the SaaS option, you can just sign up and start working.
  • Hebrew: You can use Taiga in Hebrew as well.
  • Multiple recommendations of Taiga - Please see below

How We Can Help You

Taiga certified partner Certified Scrum Master Atlassian Certified AWS Certified gitlab channel partner badge Azure developer HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate

ALM-Toolbox is a worldwide distributor of Taiga. It also specializes in providing add-on services for Taiga, such as:

  • Taiga system planning and deployment on an organization's servers and in the cloud, private or public.
  • Assistance in matching between organization's development processes and those proposed by Taiga.
  • Design and implementation of High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Integration with supplementary tools and cloud environments, like git, GitLab, GitHub, Slack, Mattermost, Jira, TestRail, Jenkins, etc.
  • Managed services, private hosting and support center, including an SLA option.
  • Development of integrations and additions (e.g., custom report generators).
  • Git and Taiga training.
  • Migration from similar tools like Jira, Trello, Asana, GitLab, ClearQuest, RedMine etc.

Features and Pricing

Feature       Cloud / On-prem
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Customer Support & SLA
Email support Optional
Priority support Optional
24/7 Emergency support Optional
Live upgrade assistance Optional
Kanban Board
Customization to fit your workflow including epics and sub-tasks
Custom workflows
Multiple workflows with Swim lanes
Extensive filter options & search function
WIP (Work In Progress) limits
View options like zoom level and user story archive function
Possibility to switch over to Scrum and vice versa
SCRUM Boards
Backlog & sprint planning including EPICS and sub-tasks
Estimations (possible per role) including project doomline
Planning poker tool (Taiga Seed)
Sprint task board with swim-lanes per user story and zoom function
Burn down chart on project and sprint level
Possibility to switch over to Kanban and vice versa
Issue & Bug Tracking
Customization of issue types, priorities and severities
Possibility to add issues to sprint
Function to promote issue to user story
Extensive filter options & search function
Team performance dashboard (incl. team health Iocane function)
Full audibility with project timeline
Personal dashboard & notifications
Wiki function
Custom real time reports in your own data editor with CSV URL link
Define team roles & permissions
Available in over 20 languages
Customization of stages, colors and close definition
Custom tags and fields
Embedded onboarding
Various integrations
Project import and export function
Pricing and available licenses Get a Quote

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Testimonials and Customers Stories

It was a 180-degree change. Less than a month after starting with Taiga, the stress level of the team went down dramatically. In a few months the relationship with the client had become stronger. "

Gonzalo, New Business Director at Secuoyas Secuoyas

Now more than ever we need a digital environment that supports an Agile form of working and Taiga does just that."

Jeroen, Consultant at Coolminds Coolminds