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What if current version is the real version?



I’m using GetRealChange command-line utility (which is part of Visual Annotate tool), and I’m wondering what should I get if the current version is the real version itself?


The term "real version"  means the version in the element's  version tree, which has created the given line. If the given line was changed in the current (i.e. view-selected) version, then the current version is the real version.  In that case,  the line "The current view-selected version IS the real version!" is displayed in the output of GetRealChange.


1.       Base ClearCase:

C:\Users\alexk> getrealchange -long -details 50 Z:\testvob\sarabanda.cpp

Search history:

Real version: Z:\testvob\sarabanda.cpp@@\main\CHECKEDOUT
The current view-selected version IS the real version!

Version Details:
Checked out by: johnd
Checked out on: Thursday, January 14, 2016 1:30:17 PM
Labels: (V2.1)

Note:  In this example the element sarabanda.cpp is checked out to the current view. This is a special  case of a view-selected version.

2.       ClearCase UCM:

C:\Users\alexk> getrealchange -long -details 47 E:\views\new_project_snap\record\gavotta.cs

Search history:

Real version: E:\views\new_project_snap\record\gavotta.cs@@\main\clientx_proj\52
The current view-selected version IS the real version!

Version Details:

Checked in by: thomasy
Checked in on: Thursday, May 17, 2012 12:21:59 AM
UCM Activity ID: performance_improvements

UCM Activity Headline: Remove unnecessary checks
Baselines: (AnnotateProj_5_17_2012)


Note: If you work with ClearCase-ClearQuest UCM integration enabled, you will see the ClearQuest record ID instead the UCM activity name.


Additional Note:  Remember that you can compare the current version to the real version's predecessors by adding  the -diff (for text-mode comparison) or -diff -g (for graphic comparison) switch.



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