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R&D Reporter > Features

Product Edition      Reporting Edition Reporting & Automation Edition Server Edition
Best For: Developers, team leaders, project managers or configuration managers Configuration managers, project managers and release managers Build servers
Compare differences between two ClearCase baselines
Compare differences between two ClearCase streams
Compare differences between a stream and a baseline
Compare by using ClearCase recommended baselines
Compare by using ClearCase composite baselines
Filter out unnecessary information (noncomposite baselines, irrelevant baselines and streams)
Predefined and saved comparisons
A legible screen report, containing an optional legend
Filter out unecessary data from reports (nonstream activities and internal activities)
Drill down to include activities, change-sets and file versions
Providing statistics (code churn)
Rich-report displayed to screen, including 'Search' feature (Firefox alike) and a context-menu
Add to report a description meta-data, describing why the change was done
Open version tree browser from the report
Open activiy properties from the report
Open history of a version
Exclude non stream (contributors) activities
Recognize merged versions
A legend, including a summary
Compare and display one-side only
Integration with content comparison tools
Integration with ClearQuest UCM enabled
Reporting who has changed and when
Reporting to Email
Reporting to Excel file
Reporting to text files
Reporting to HTML files
Integration with Visual Annotate
Save and load predefined report rules Up to 5 concurrent rules Up to 5 concurrent rules Unlimited concurrent rules
Launch automated scheduled static rules (e.g. compare two static baselines) -
Launch automated scheduled dynamic rules (e.g. compare recommended baseline and a stream) -
Command-line interface (CLI) -
Launch automated rules from another host -
Integration with Windows Scheduled Tasks -
Support dynamic date variables -
System logs -
Available licenses Node-locked or floating Node-locked or floating Node-locked or floating

A few examples of reports that you can gain by using R&D Reporter:

  • What changes have been made since a private stream was rebased to the recommended baseline?
  • What changes have been made to integration stream since the latest deliveries?
  • Find out whether a recent check-in has broken the build, and if so - which they are?
  • What changes have been made since the latest baseline was created?
  • What changes have been made between the current build and the predecessor one?
  • What is the difference between two streams?
  • What is the difference between recommended baselines of two streams, based on the same (foundation) baseline?
  • What activies have been made between two baselines?
  • You can track any change, and answer the questions of who made a change, what change was made, when the change was made, and why the change was made.
  • Activities delivered since the last baseline
  • Daily list of file and directories modified in ClearCase VOBs

Trial version includes full functionality limited to 21 days

ready for

R&D Reporter has received "Ready for IBM Rational" validation.

R&D Reporter helps us improve collaboration within the R&D team and increase traceability of individual efforts. We use R&D Reporter to generate real time status reports on our different projects at a fine grained level of deliverable items, including bug fixes and new features recorded in our ClearCase activities

Ziv Lachish, Software Quality Manager, HP Indigo

I found R&D Reporter to be a very useful utility with an easy-to-use interface!

Ed Sachs, Senior Software Configuration Manager, Allscripts

I'm continuosly impressed by the ability of ALMtoolbox to fill a gap between the core functioanlity provided by ClearCase and the needs of our customers.

Howard Bernstein, Product Manager - ClearCase and ClearQuest, IBM Rational

R&D Reporter helps us show the exact changes made between revisions and to comply with DO-178 regulation.

Philippe Wolkowicz, Software Engineer at Lahav IAI

This is great work and very useful. It did exactly what I wanted it to do. Great job!

Sami Khan, Software Configuration Analyst, GMAC.

I found it very useful. It answers a real need partially fulfilled by ClearCase with the command cleardiffbl. It helps me to make a VDD (version description document). The UI is well designed, user friendly and simple.

Pierre-Luc Bouchard, CM Administrator, Canada.

A smart tool for saving time of the configuration management team by supplying team leaders and developers a planned and tested method to manage their own ClearCase streams and baselines.

Dvir Ekstein, Senior Configuration Management Expert, FIS Software.