XML files cannot be viewed as 'Visual Annotate' source

Currently XML files cannot be viewed as 'Annotated' source. By default, ClearCase using a specific type manager to store XML files. This type manager does not support the 'cleartool annotate' command, which is used by the logic in Visual Annotate that displays the Annotated source.

Further to this, by default ClearCase treats any files not defined in the 'default.magic' file as 'compressed' (for instance, property files are not included in the default.magic file). Only text-based type managers can be annotated (and hence, can be displayed via the 'Annotated Source' link). The type manager can be updated by performing the following steps:

1. Modify the type manager for existing elements through the 'cleartool chtype' command: 

cleartool chtype eltype:text_file file-name

Please consult your ClearCase administrator before doing it. Learn more.

2. Update the default.magic file to include appropriate rules that specify the type manager to use for files of a given naming convention (this will take effect for newly created elements). Learn more.

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