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DOORS \ Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) > Requirements definition and management solution for collaborative, fast-paced development

Empower teams to define, manage, and report on requirements in a lifecycle development project

IBM Rational Team Concert integrates task tracking, source control, and agile planning with continuous integration builds and a configurable process to adapt to the way you work. Finally -- everything you need to build great software, integrated seamlessly together right out of the box.

DOORS Next Generation: Overview (07:40)


  • Align development and test activities with your business priorities and requirements
  • Consolidate unstructured information (rich text, images, tables and link from internal and external documents) with easy Web based document creation and editing
  • Support requirement collections, shared filters, tags, attributes, hyperlinks and advanced searches to help you find and organize requirements and related information.
  • Allow stakeholders to visualize how various inputs, outputs, and roles can work together to execute processes that create value for the business
  • Quickly assemble UI storyboards from sketches using reusable components and templates
  • Capture system behavior by creating use case diagrams
  • Use OSLC links to trace requirements to development work items and test cases to enable development, show dependence, and prove compliance
  • Dynamically display current requirements content and enforce key management tasks by using filters, sorting, tagging and views

System Requirements - Clients

  • Operating systems: Linux (RedHat Enterprise, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Ubuntu LTS Desktop); Windows (Windows 7 x86-32/64, Vista, Windows XP Professional)
  • Hardware: 1GB RAM minimum, (2GB recommended); 1GB disk space minimum; Intel Pentium 4 processor minimum
  • Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Eclipse and Visual Studio

System Requirements - Server

  • Operating systems: Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, x86-32, x86-64, Power, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 x86-32, x86-64, Power, System z); UNIX (IBM AIX, Sun Solaris 10 SPARC); Windows (Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003); Mainframe (IBM i, IBM z/OS)
  • Hardware: 2GB RAM minimum (4 GB recommended); 1GB disk space minimum
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