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Rational ClearCase > Features

Software Configuration Management
Local and remote client access by ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC) and ClearTeam Explorer (CTE)
Flexible usage models: Unified Change Management (UCM) or base Rational ClearCase
Wide range of supported environments including Windows, Linux, Unix and z/OS
Transparent, real-time access to files and directories
Support for disconnected usage
Scales to support large geographically distributed enterprises
Parallel development support including automatic branching and advanced merging and differencing technology
User authentication
Audit trails (see also R&D Reporter and Visual Annotate
Automated workspace management
Build auditing (by clearmake, omake and clearaudit)
Unix /Linux /Windows Interoperability
Unique Features
Multisite - extend configuration management across geographically distributed projects through repository replication and synchronization
Dynamic views and MVFS - a virtual file system specifically designed for accessing data
Build avoidance - sophisticated algorithms to guarantee correct results when building in a parallel development environment
Integration with Windows Explorer
Command-line interface (CLI) and graphic user interface (GUI)
Integrated with Rational ClearQuest
Integrated with Rational Team Concert (RTC)
Integrated with Eclipse
Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio
Integrated with Rational Application Developer (RAD)
Integrated with Cadence Design Framework
Integrated with Rational Build Forge (RBF)
Integrated with Rational Asset Manager (RAM)
Integrated with Cadence Design Framework