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New Recording: Vault AMA Webinar

Last week we hosted John Boero from HashiCorp company, who presented what’s new in Vault (for about half an hour) and also answered questions asked about the product (for about another half hour).

A total of 19 questions were asked and he managed to answer them all! We added the questions at the end of this post.

We edited the recording and also added subtitles at your convenience.

Recording is now available:

vault webinar

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    Any further questions about Vault?

    We will be happy to answer – you can contact us with any questions about the product – both from the technological aspect and regarding the differences between the versions, pricing and costs of the paid Enterprise version.

    Note: Those of you who have used or still are using ClearCase UCM may remember that it has similar functionality, named composite baseline. It also allows you to manage projects comprising multiple repositories.

    We officially represent HashiCorp company and provide licenses, professional services (including Kubernetes, clouds and git), hosting of Vault and other HashiCorp products including Terraform, Consul and Nomad.
    Contact us: hashicorp@almtoolbox.com or call +972-722-240-5222 or 866-503-1471 (US & Canada)


    *** Questions asked about Vault during the webinar (answers to all in the recording):

    1. What are the most common auth methods for on-prem deployments ?
    2. Vault can be internal root CA?
    3. Are there any plans to provide customized deployment for Kubernetes ?
    4. What about master key storage?
    5. What are the options with/without HSM on-prem and in cloud?
    6. Please refer to HA architecture for Vault
    7. What’s the best practice to start / rollout  Vault?
    8. What’s new in Vault over the past year?
    9. Please explain about integration with AWS
    10. Would be interesting to understand the best practice for deploying Vault and Nomad clusters in public clouds (Azure/AWS) using Terraform
    11. Does Vault can scale horizontally?
    12. What do we miss if we do not take Vault Enterprise?
    13. Please explain about integration with Openshift Container Storage, Rook and Ceph
    14. How can Vault help developers to have better code?
    15. How would you do a blue/green type rotation of User &  Password for PostgreSQL where there is a need to disable the old user/password after the new one is distributed & verified?
    16. Are there any official guidelines/best practices for PCI compliant deployment?
    17. Do I need to have HSM installed on each physical (om-prem) VMWare node running Vault?
    18. OpenShift Container Storage, Rook and Ceph
    19. Is Vault horizontally scalable ?  Currently we are having a hard time to scale it horizontally