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New Recording: Terraform Webinar

Last week we hosted John Boero from HashiCorp company, who presented what’s new in Terraform and also answered questions asked about the product.

A total of 10 questions were asked and he managed to answer them all! We added the questions at the end of this post.
We edited the recording and also added subtitles at your convenience.

The recording is now available:



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    *** Questions asked about Terraform during the webinar (answers to all in the recording):

    1. How can Terraform help developers?
    2. How it’s integrated with CI/CD tools like Jenkins / GitLab CI?
    3. Would be interested to understand the best practice for deploying Vault and Nomad clusters in public clouds (Azure/AWS) using Terraform
    4. What are my options to deploy Terraform in an air-gapped environment?
    5. How does Sentinel work?
    6. What are the main drivers for companies to implement Terraform Enterprise?
    7. What is the meaning of the recent announcement of HashiCorp cloud means for Terraform? Does it mean managed Terraform?
    8. Do you have plans to provide standard code languages like Java / Python / Go?
    9. Is there a plan to support the Digital Ocean provider officially?
    10.How would you recommend handling team IAM users? with Terraform or Vault or some mix?