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Special end-of-year offer and new announcements

Special offer

Order our solutions by the end of the year and take advantage of a special offer! This offer includes the following solutions:

  • Our health check solution for ClearCase VOB servers (now offered “on demand” too!)
  • Development Intelligence and DevOps Solution for ClearCase ClearQuest users
  • Visual Annotating for developers using ClearCase

Please contact sales@almtoolbox.com for further details.

Do you want to improve your ClearCase performance?

ClearCase performanceWe meet with many ClearCase users struggling with low performance. The problem is not always with ClearCase of course. It can stem from other reasons: the server, networking, client stations, etc. The trick is to find the bottlenecks and know how to deal with them.

New release: R&D Reporter V4

R&D Reporter dashboardToday we released a new beta version with updated features, including significantly improved performance!

Are you missing something in ClearCase, ClearQuest or RTC? Tell us!

ClearCase logoWe’re planning our road-map with new enhancements and add-on tooling for ClearCase, ClearQuest and RTC.

If you are missing something from IBM tools, let us know! This is your chance to get what you need and help other users! Please reply to this email with your feedback.

ClearCase & ClearQuest have just been released during the last week

And finally, a special gift from IBM:

Get free private projects through 2014 if you register for JazzHub until end of the year: https://hub.jazz.net/