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Join our Webinar: Introducing SourceGraph AI and a Live Demo

Next week we are hosting Sourcegraph company to discuss different aspects of code intelligence and AI.
Webinar is free of charge.

Code Intelligence and AI using Sourcegraph and Cody

sorucegraph webinar

A recent StackOverflow developer survey concluded that “Developers spend 75% of their time trying to understand code.”
Sourcegraph addresses this challenge by making it easy to read, write, and fix code — even in big, complex codebases.
It builds universal code search for every developer and company so they can innovate faster.
Sourcegraph helps developers and companies with billions of lines of code create the software they use every day.

Join us for a Webinar to introduce Sourcegraph and view a live product demonstration!

Come prepared with a laptop or computer where you can download the Sourcegraph App.


  1. Welcome and background info (5 minutes)
  2. Introduction to Sourcegraph and key use cases (10 minutes)
  3. Sourcegraph demo with Cody (25 minutes)
  4. Cody App Download and Q&A (15 minutes)


Tuesday, May 2nd at 3PM CET / 9AM ET
Registration is free but space is limited.

We plan to record the webinar!  We’ll share the recordings with all those who are registered.

Register here:

    * Full Name

    * Work Email

    * Company

    Job Title

    Do you have any questions you'd like to ask before the webinar?

    What you will gain by the end of the webinar:

    1. More knowledge: Code Intelligence
    2. Best practices of searching in code and getting insights of your code
    3. An AI application (Cody) you can start working with for unit testing, understanding your code, documenting code etc.

    Who should join?

    Developers, R&D managers, DevOps experts, Security experts, CISOs and Architects

    What’s needed for the workshop part?

    • Internet connection
    • A laptop or computer where you can download the Sourcegraph App.

    We’ll provide all instructions by email for all registrants.

    Who will be delivering the webinar?

    1. Ajay Sridhar , Senior Customer Engineer at Sourcegraph
    2. Khoshal Wial, Regional Director (EMEA) at Sourcegraph
    3. Tamir Gefen, ALM-Toolbox CEO


    ALM-Toolbox company is a partner of Sourcegraph.

    ALM-Toolbox provides ALM and DevSecOps professional services, support, private /public cloud hosting, training and licenses for many DevOps / ALM toolset including git, GitLab, Kubernetes, Docker, SonarQube, Jenkins, Jira, Terraform, HashiCorp Vault, Mattermost, Bitbucket, Sysdig, Fossa, ClearCase, ClearQuest and more.

    Contact us: sourcegraph@almtoolbox.com or +972-722-405-222 (international) or 866-503-1471 (USA/Canada)


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