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See what’s coming soon in R&D Reporter V5.0

ClearCase RND Reporter illustrationWe’re thrilled to reveal some of the exciting features coming soon in R&D Reporter V5.0 for ClearCase.
This is just a short list. We’ll provide more details soon (register for our newsletter to receive updates):

  1. New report template: two UCM views comparison (click to see a screenshot)
  2. New report template: full view \stream report, including LOC (Lines of Code) metrics per stream \branch (for both UCM and Base ClearCase)
  3. Extended baselines comparison : now the Reporter tool can get baseline names as external parameters from command-line. This provides more versatility if you need more automation and tighter integration with build scripts and tools such as Jenkins. Click to see a screenshot.
  4. New advanced LOC metrics, including relative metrics (click to see a screenshot)
  5. New data: last check-in date; status; renamed, moved and removed files; source and target versions; content comparison (click to see a screenshot)
  6. New chart: Lines of code distributed by code languages (click to see an example)
  7. New support for UNIX \Linux ClearCase hosts and for CTE (ClearTeam Explorer) users on Windows \Linux (click to see the upcoming Settings form)
  8. New smart triggers that help you apply continuous integration, testing and delivery (click to see a screenshot)
  9. New advanced filters (click to see an example)
  10. New search criteria
  11. New UI enhancements, including an improved toolbar.
  12. Tighter integration with our Visual Annotate add-on tool for ClearCase. A free Community Edition of Visual Annotate is included in the package of R&D Reporter.
  13. Last, but not least: new Free Community Edition (including all functionalities and first 10 lines for each report)
  • If you’d like to be notified when it releases, please register for our newsletter.
  • If you’d like to try a beta version, please send us an email at beta@almtoolbox.com
  • If you will be attending the IBM InterConnect conference in Las Vegas during February 2015, you can schedule a private demo – register here.