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Product Review: Radmin

As part of a review of utilities for developers and ALM specialists, I’d like to give a brief overview of Radmin (www.radmin.com), a remote support software, since I worked with Radmin for many years.

In many situations Radmin runs faster than Microsoft RDP, and I find it more convenient for sharing screen than Skype, Team Viewer or other webcast software.

It enables you to copy and paste from the host’s dashboard you share (but it does not provide a keyboard shortcut like RDP provides – which makes it not so intuitive. I hope the vendor will improve this in the future).

It also provides a way to share files among the remote and local host (yes, this is quite similar to FTP).

For those wondering about the security capabilities – it provides you with an additional security layer by configuring an independent username and password. Alternatively, you can integrate this with Windows credentials.

If you work with ClearCase (like many readers), you may find this tool very useful if you’re looking for a simple way of working remotely, while the users connect and do the work with ClearCase on a native (“full”) client using dynamic and snapshot views.

We used this many years ago as a simple alternative to MultiSite and Remote Clients (while they have some advantages in other aspects), and we still suggest it to our customers if they need an immediate and very simple solution for a few users. It also works well with cloud machines and virtual hosts.

It costs USD 50 and is well worth it!


Some tips from our experience:

  • If you have to share screen with more than one attendee, make sure that there is only one attendee logged in with full permission, while the others should log in with view only mode.
  • If you want to use it for instructor-led training, you can use the “Zoomit” utility. This is a free utility that provides you with a screen zooming and annotation tool.
  • If you use Radmin on more than one host, you should set a different password for each one.