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New demo: How SonarQube is integrated with GitLab

A new video titled “ Code Quality & Security in Your Development Workflow” was released last week by SonarSource – the manufacturer of SonarQube (and a company we represent).

In this video they demonstrate how SonarQube can be integrated with GitLab, GitLab CI/CD and other SCM tools.
We took this video and edited it in order to make it concise (5 min only) and include only parts relevant to integration with GitLab.

In this video you can see how to apply a workflow that involves GitLab + GitLab CI + SonarQube  (or alternatively GitLab + Jenkins + SonarQube), and how to enjoy the integration of GitLab’s Merge Requests and SonarQube and its quality gates.

Watch here:

At the end of this video there’s a short explanation of the different SonarQube editions (and you can also ask us about it if you have further questions)

We provide end-to-end solutions around SonarQube, including commercial licenses, consulting, on-site support, training, building workflows CI/CD pipelines.

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