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NEW Version: Announcing ClearCheck V 2.5 – Health Checks for your ClearCase VOB Servers

ClearCheck logoClearCheck scans, analyzes and reports the health status of your VOB servers. It applies best practices as recommended by IBM Rational and our field experience.

The new version provides greater proactivity and a more accurate report.

What’s new in version 2.5?

  1. Improved report interface: more information has now been organized into tables. We have also added a new message type: ‘Information’ (besides Error type, Warning type and Advice type). See report examples: PDF ClearCheck PDF Reporter report and HTML report.
  2. Better support for Windows 64bit servers, including Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. Admin privileges are not required anymore to install and launch the tool.
  3. New log is provided: a full log of ‘dbcheck’ scanning. This log is provided along with our clear and concise ClearCheck report. This log may be useful if you have to immediately send the full log file to a Rational Support team.
  4. More accurate ‘Free Space’ check for AIX and Windows servers
  5. The tool covers situations where VOBs are registered on Windows in UNC format (also known as “\\”).
  6. Ignoring ‘False Positive‘ issues when running ClearCase V7.1.0.1, V7.1.0.2, V7.1.1, V7.1.1.1 and V7.1.1.2
  7. All reports are now located in one centralized directory (existing users keep receiving reports to a location which they have already determined, unless they explicitly change it)
  8. All log files are now located in one centralized directory (named %appdata%\GoMidjets\ClearCheck2\logs)
  9. Performance: we improved loading time by a several seconds