New Recording: Introducing GitLab CI/CD

We recorded an introduction webinar of GitLab CI/CD and you can watch it now.

GitLab provides a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle, including version control that’s tightly integrated with strong CI/CD . GitLab CI/CD is an award winning CI tool (see the Forrester report below) and is also the leading CI/CD system today, if you need excellent support of containers and Kubernetes.

In that session we hosted Xiaogang Wen, Solution Architect at GitLab Company, to learn how to work with GitLab CI.

We added captions at your convenience.


  • 0 – Intro and Agenda
  • 0:01:19 An overview of CI/CD features included in GitLab
  • 0:24:11 Q & A
  • 0:44:39 DEMO
  • 1:03:00 How to get started with GitLab CI