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Impressions from Rational Innovate conference in Potsdam Germany

Last week I attended the Rational Innovate conference in Potsdam Germany, along with hundreds of Rational users from Germany and German-speaking countries. Although many sessions were delivered in German and the temperature outside was very low, I found the conference very interesting and warm.

I demonstrated our latest releases for Rational ClearCase, including ClearCheck, R&D Reporter, Visual Annotate and ClearEnvironment. Thanks to all those who attended our demos!

During the conference I met ClearCase/ClearQuest product manager, Howie Bernstein, and the chief architect of ClearCase, Peter Hack (see picture below). They showed me the new ClearCase roadmap  and the new upcoming features of ClearCase.  There are new, interesting capabilities planned that I cannot share until they are released.  Please contact Howie Bernstein (hbernstein@us.ibm.com) if you want to learn more.  I’m happy to inform you that our latest releases are aligned with the latest versions of ClearCase, and the upcoming releases as well.

I also demonstrated our latest releases for Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Hack, and discussed our plans to integrate our tools with ClearQuest and RTC. If you integrate ClearCase with ClearQuest or have plans to integrate ClearCase with RTC, you may find our next releases very helpful – you can join our Beta program to get further details (please email beta@almtoolbox.com).

Innovate 2012 Potsdam Germany

Left to right: Howie Bernstein, ClearCase product manager; Peter Hack, senior ClearCase Architect; Tamir Gefen , Founder of GoMidjets