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Join our webinars series of “What’s New and Ask Me Anything” About HashiCorp Toolset

webinars series

We’d like to invite you to a live webinars series (4 webinars) about HashiCorp toolset – 4 live sessions of “Ask Me Anything” and introducing the latest news about each product. Each webinar will be 50 minutes and cover one of the following tools: Vault, Terraform, Consul and Nomad.

We’ll be hosting John Boero – a HashiCorp Solution Engineer – who will introduce the latest news and will answer your questions.
Registration is free but space is limited.
We’ll share the recordings with all those who are registered.


  1. Vault: Tuesday 6/30 10AM CEST 
  2. Terraform: Wednesday 7/1 11AM CEST
  3. Consul: Tuesday 7/7 10AM CEST
  4. Nomad: Wednesday 7/8 11AM CEST

Agenda for each session:

  1. Latest news about the product
  2. Live Q&A (AMA) session — we answer your questions!


* Full Name:

* Company:

* Email:

* Please sign me up to these events:
Nomad 8/7/20Consul 7/7/20Terraform 1/7/20Vault 30/6/20

* What HashiCorp tools does your company use or consider to use?

Have a question for the lecturer?

If you have immediate questions about differences between free editions and Enterprise editions or about pricing – contact us directly at hashicorp@almtoolbox.com or call us at:  +972-722-405-222

If you’re not familiar with HashiCorp tools yet  …

This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about these tools and then join our sessions. We provide here some brief explanations and short videos for each of the tools we’ll cover in the webinars.

HashiCorp Cloud Adoption and the cloud operating model (3 min):

Vault: Manage Secrets and Protect Sensitive Data
Terraform: Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to provision and manage any cloud, infrastructure, or service
Consul: Service Networking automation across any cloud – including service discovery and service mesh
Nomad: Deploy and Manage Any Application on Any Infrastructure with Ease (easier than Kubernetes)

  • All tools are also available as self-hosted solutions and can run in close networks (air-gapped)
  • All tools have free editions and Enterprise editions (Enterprise editions add certain features and customer support)

Want to join our live sessions ? Register now – registration is above

And finally, we offer 4 intro videos to help you quickly learn the concept of each tool and what problem it comes to solve (one video for each product)

Vault Video:

Introduction to HashiCorp Vault with the founder of HashiCorp (16 min) 

We added English captions (click ‘cc’ button if you can’t see it)

Terraform Video: 

Introduction to HashiCorp Terraform with the founder of HashiCorp 

We added English captions (click ‘cc’ button if you can’t see it)

Consul Video: 

Introduction to HashiCorp Consul with the founder of HashiCorp

Nomad Video: 

Introduction to HashiCorp Nomad with the founder of HashiCorp

Want to join our live sessions ? Register now – registration is above

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