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Do you use ClearCase Attributes?

We are working on defining the content for CompBL 3.0, our real-time identification and reporting tool of changes made on ClearCase UCM assets, and we consider offering a new feature that includes reporting of “ClearCase attributes” and their properties as well.

I’d like to ask you two questions please – your feedback is highly appreciated.
Please tell me if you connect ClearCase attributes to your ClearCase activities, and if so – for what purpose?

– Linking to change requests, defects or requirements
– Saving planned time to delivery/complete of activity
– Enhancing activities for any other purpose ?
etc. etc.

Thank you

We will update soon about the new benefits and features inside CompBL 3.0.
Meanwhile you’re most welcome to download the current version (2.6): http://bit.ly/d165D8