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Did you know? IBM has reported a critical bug in ClearCase 7.1 “dbcheck”

Yesterday we encountered a new bug in ClearCase 7.1 “dbcheck” on Windows. It is reported on the IBM site as follows: Dbcheck crashes with unhandled exception in ClearCase 7.1

IBM says that there is currently no program fix for this failure, but does suggest a workaround. We have decided to take this latest workaround and automate it (as we always do :-)), and we are now working on integrating it into ClearCheck to enable trouble-free running of “dbcheck” in ClearCase 7.1. If you’d like to know when it’s available, please let us know by registering to this blog.

What else is new?
The new version, of ClearCheck, v1.2, is coming soon!
We will update you when it becomes available.