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New Recording: Consul Webinar

Last week we hosted John Boero from HashiCorp company, who presented what’s new in Consul (for about half an hour) and also answered questions asked about the product (for about another half hour).

A total of 8 questions were asked and he managed to answer them all. We added the questions at the end of this post. We edited the recording and also added subtitles at your convenience.

consul webinar

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    Any further questions about Consul?

    We will be happy to answer – you can contact us with any questions about the product – both from the technological aspect and regarding the differences between the versions, pricing, and costs of the paid Enterprise version.

    We officially represent HashiCorp company and provide licenses, professional services (including Kubernetes, clouds and git), hosting of Vault and other HashiCorp products including Terraform, Consul and Nomad.
    Contact us: hashicorp@almtoolbox.com or call +972-722-240-5222 or 866-503-1471 (US & Canada)


    *** Questions asked about Consul during the webinar (answers to all in the recording):

    1. How Consul can work together with Vault?
    2. What are the main differences between Consul and Istio?
    3. How your Sentinel works with Consul?
    4. Does Consul help me to operate a dynamic load balancing?
    5. What do I miss if I use Consul open source instead of the Enterprise version?
    6. Is there a major difference regarding performance when 2 instances are communicating via Consul of OpenVPN or some other method?