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CompBL V2 is Coming Soon!

We are proud to announce that CompBL V2 will be released in this coming Thursday.

CompBL V2 has several new features and enhancements, improved usability and reliability.



Experience our CompBL V2 Beta version and provide valuable feedback to enhance the product.

Main Benefits

  • Control. Know what ClearCase artifacts have been changed. Any time.
  • Simplicity. Smart, simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Fully-automated. You can run CompBL daily or nightly with predefined comparison rules.
  • Seamlessly integrated with your ClearCase environments. Get your first report in less than a minute after downloading!
  • BI (Business Intelligence) of ClearCase assets

Feature Highlights


  • Compare differences between two baselines
  • Compare differences between two streams
  • Compare differences between a stream and a baseline
  • Compare any combination by using composite baselines
  • Compare any combination by using recommended baselines


  • Filter out unnecessary data from reports
  • Drill-down to include activities, components and file versions
  • Reporting to screen, including ‘find’ feature and well-known ‘version tree’ browser
  • Reporting to Email
  • Reporting to Excel
  • Reporting to text files


  • Set you own comparison rules for a daily report
  • Filter out unnecessary report inputs
  • Supports any version of ClearCase
  • Supports Linux-Windows-UNIX interoperability
  • GUI and CLI interfaces

A screenshot is available here