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CompBL v2.4.7 is out!

The new features in CompBL focus on improving the usefulness of our reports. The new reports help users identify quickly the information they need.
Customized templates and a command line interface (CLI) can be combined to enable a fully-automatic generation of release notes, which can significantly accelerate processes especially in organizaiton working with Agile and continuous integration.

What’s New in CompBL v2.4.7 ?

1. New Reports

CompBL reports are clearer and simpler than ever. A summary of changes is followed by a table  that can be grouped by activities,   listing the files changed together with file owner, the nature of the changes, the contributing stream file owner  and a time stamp. Changes can be grouped by activities. Merged file versionss are marked by a distinct icon to allow quick access to files likely to break builds.

On-screen report [click to enlarge]

On-screen Report

HTML report [click to enlarge]

HTML Report

Format support:

  • On-screen report with rich functionality: expand/ collapse, sorting, and a context menu for ClearCase actions
  • Email
  • HTML
  • Excell (CSV) file
  • Text file

2. New Filters

Filters hide irrelevant information, allowing users to quickly reach the information they need. Two new filters were added to v2.4.5:

  1. User-defined filters by filename or file extensions which can be used to filter out automatically generated files or unnecessary files.
  2. Show all file versions as a single file change, reducing the number of results and focusing on significant changes.

3. Report Templates

Automatic release notes generation becomes fully automated with user-defined HTML templates.
Release Managers can define HTML based header and footer for CompBL change report, and create a Release Notes document ready for publishing at the click of a button.

4. Automation

Command-line interface that enables users to generate reports dynamically and automatically. This features is especially useful for Agile development and continuous integration.

To download full new version: https://www.almtoolbox.com/download.php?did=2
To download a patch for old versions: https://www.almtoolbox.com/download.php?did=10

Your feedback is highly appreciated. You can send your feedback by email to support [at] gomidjets [dot] com