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Coming soon: Extended View report for ClearCase users (UCM and Base)

We will soon release a new query type as part of our R&D Reporter add-on tool!

The new query gets a view path as an input, and provides an extended report of the content of the entire view. See a screenshot:

ClearCase Extended view ucm base

This new report provides extended capabilities far beyond just providing the data like in ClearCase Explorer and ClearTeam Explorer. These new features include displaying more data (e.g. comments; source and target versions; lines of code; related UCM activity, labels and ClearQuest record ID); filters (such as filtering out bulk of files by a given filename or extension), metrics, charts, analytics, automation and an extended context menu.

ClearCase charts extended view

This new report will be available for ClearCase on Windows, Linux and UNIX, as well as remote clients.

Want to try the beta release? Send an email to: beta at gomidjets.com