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Coming Soon: Email Notification Alerts and Development Status Monitoring for ClearCase

As you may know, R&D Reporter’s latest release V4 offers a variety of UCM baseline and stream comparison reports, including new lines-of-code (LOC) metrics (see here).

We will soon extend the reporting functionality to help ClearCase users, including developers and managers, monitor development status. This will enable notification when a predefined event occurs, in order to apply more traceability and the best practices of continuous integration and DevOps.

For example, you will be able to set an automatic query that runs bi-hourly and compares two specific streams. If there are five new activities to be delivered, if a manual merge is needed, or if the total changed lines-of-code is greater than 500, you can send an email notification to a predefined distribution list.

So far, we’ve worked on seven smart rules (KPI) to monitor—see them all in the screenshot below:

ClearCase triggers development monitoring KPI

What happens if your predefined threshold is reached?

This new module will offer two options:

  1. Send a notification email, with the option to attach the report itself. Typical emails may encourage users to schedule a code review, encourage users to deliver a baseline, or just execute a merge.
  2. Launch a utility or any application through a command-line. This could be a trigger to run automatic build, regression tests, or any necessary automatic process. This event could serve as a link between your source code and your automated testing tools.

What’s next?

  • If you want to access a Beta version when it becomes available, please email beta@almtoolbox.com

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